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Cirque Masquerade's
La Mer Abyssale

Become Immersed   -   Be Amazed   -   Get Inspired

This year, the Cirque Masquerade youth performance troupe presents: La Mer Abyssale. La Mer Abyssale is an immersive circus experience with never-before-seen custom apparatuses, water effects, and performers who fly 20 feet in the air! La Mer Abyssale is a fun and inspiring time for all ages, our youngest performers are 11 years old! Get tickets to our shows and take a step into the underwater, circus world of Abyssale!

Cirque Masquerade is a professional youth circus performance troupe. We practice 2-8 hours each week and put on 10+ shows a year all across the Bay Area. Our performers are between 10-18 and we pride ourselves on their professionalism and high quality performances, despite their young age. Our performers love what they do and promise to invest themselves in making our show as spectacular as possible. They will show off feats of strength, coordination, grace and flexibility, immerse you in new worlds and inspire you with their unique abilities!

Become Immersed

 Our use of lighting, real water effects, hand-made costumes, custom-made scenery and surround-sound atmospheres will immerse you in the wondrous world of Abyssale. Meet pirates, sirens, mermaids and more in this tale of the high seas. Our show is a surreal journey of intrigue and excitement. 

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Be Amazed

Dive underwater with our talented performers and see feats of strength and flexibility that will leave you awe-struck. See trapeze artists fly 20 feet in the air. Watches as pirates flip in the aerial silks. Contortionists, acrobats, jugglers, clowns and aerialist will impress!

Get Inspired

Our performers are all kids and teens! When you watch our show and see their spectacular acts, it's hard to remember that some of the performers are as young as 11! These youth professionals work harder than most adults and their accomplishments should inspire those of all ages to follow their dreams!

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